Temporary Journals

We have found a particular strength in our ability to ‘step into shoes’ during holidays, sickness and maternity leave. Our structure enables us to help out on a short term basis often without being spotted! Editors, Reviewers and Authors alike should find no obvious handover period, emails can be easily re-directed and the service the journal administrator would usually offer is not interrupted.

Permanent Journals:

When a journal is placed with us on a permanent basis we take a great deal of time and care to find out exactly how it works. Wherever possible we like to meet the Editor(s) and/or Editorial Board so that we can build a complete picture of the journal and, using our own experiences, assist in the future development and success of that journal.

Complete Cover:

Our team of on-line editorial assistants also help each other out during busy periods of a journal’s year, (for a special issues or conferences) and also provide holiday cover and sickness cover for each other. This means that, apart from a closure over Christmas, Editorial Office Ltd is always here.