Alice Ellingham
Alice EllinghamDirector
Having worked in academic publishing since graduation, I still thrive on the challenges it brings. Journal publishing continues to change and evolve and everyone at Editorial Office strives to keep pace with these changes. Having worked on many journals and systems, my expertise lies in working with our new customers to ensure a unbroken transition from their existing arrangement to Editorial Office. My current accounts include PLOS ONE, Microbiology Society and eLife. I am a member of ALPSP and COPE, plus a founding member of the ISMTE.
Gill Smith
Gill SmithDirector
During the past 12 years I have been very privileged to have worked with over 100 journals and the majority of the peer review systems. Each journal, Editor, Board Member, Reviewer and Author relies on the competence and integrity of their editorial administration and this ethos is at the root of our training and is instilled in our team. At present I am responsible for our Society and Publisher contracts and I very much enjoy working to build relationships, ensuring that each client receives the service that best suits their requirements.
Claudia Welburn
Claudia WelburnAccount Manager
As the Account manager for PLOS ONE I am responsible for maintaining targets, providing detailed reports and assisting PLOS in the efficient processing of all manuscripts submitted to PLOS ONE. I am also responsible for bringing fresh ideas to our workflows, ensuring that we continue to re-evalute our procedures. As well as working with PLOS, I also relish any opportunity I get to work with other journals and enjoy the changes and challenges they bring.
Mel Wincott
Mel WincottAccount Manager
From starting working with Editorial Office in May 2009 I have become an Account Manager and work with the Editorial Assistants and freelancers to bring our skills together providing our customers a seamless experience. Once a journal is placed with Editorial Office I work with everyone to make sure that all criteria are established, maintained and expectations are reached, hopefully exceeded. I very much enjoy the opportunities such a varied role offers and find the world of STM publishing fascinating.
Annette Butler
Annette ButlerEditorial Assistant
I have worked with Editorial Office since 2009, becoming a full time editorial assistant in 2013. I am currently working with numerous large society journals using a combination of ScholarOne Manuscripts and Editorial Manager. I believe that my experience across several journals, and using the different submission systems, has enabled me to provide an excellent service. I enjoy the variation my role provides and the ability to work with people from all walks of life from across the world.
Karen Baulch
Karen BaulchEditorial Assistant
After becoming a freelance editorial assistant with Editorial Office in 2010 I have worked in all areas of the PLOS ONE workflow. In addition I take the occasion to provide support to the rest of the journals team during periods of holidays. I enjoy my role within Editorial Office and the process of peer review provides an opportunity to learn and stretch myself on a daily basis. The entire team are an amazing resource, able to provide a range of administrative support at very short notice….keeps us all very happily occupied!
Liz McLaren
Liz McLarenEditorial Assistant
I have been a member of the Editorial Office team since 2004. During this time I have worked with countless journals and on most of the submission systems available! I strongly believe this is why Editorial Office is so flexible, this wide range of experience allows us to adapt to new workflows with ease.

Publishing continues to change and challenge and I am now branching into the PLOS ONE workflow to continue learning and broadening my experiences.

Nicky Cotterill
Nicky CotterillEditorial Assistant
My role within Editorial Office has grown and changed since I joined in 2004. At present I work closely with several large society journals and, with my colleagues, aim to provide the very best editorial service possible to all by utilising my experience and sharing this knowledge with my team. I pride myself in taking time to build lasting, good relationships with these journals and I embrace every opportunity to improve this relationship.
Sue Taylor
Sue TaylorEditorial Assistant
I began working with Editorial Office in March 2011. My role has developed and my skills enhanced as I have worked with a variety of journals on a range of submission systems. Each journal is very individual and I believe the assistance they receive should reflect this, the knowledge I have built enables me to step in to my role with confidence. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with both PLOS ONE and a large collection of society journals.
Tracy Ronan
Tracy RonanEditorial Assistant
Since joining the company in 2010 I have worked largely with PLOS ONE. My day to day role encompasses all aspects of the requirements of the PLOS ONE account at the editorial level: managing the freelancer resource across a variety of submission task areas to assist in the meeting of contractual obligations and ensuring manuscripts are processed accurately, in a timely manner and professionally. I relish the opportunity to develop my role further whilst delivering a high standard of service to Authors, Academic Editors and Reviewers internationally.
Wendy Tilley
Wendy TilleyEditorial Assistant
I joined Editorial Office in February 2012, becoming an editorial assistant in October 2013. I have obtained a wide knowledge of editorial experience working for both large and small journals and my skill set allows me to provide short term/short notice assistance to my colleagues and our clients as required. Working within Editorial Office has provided an opportunity to work with a wide range of people and on a wide range of subjects: the variety is amazing and the enjoyment real!