With a team of over 80 experienced editorial assistants we can provide an excellent service throughout the year, working with the journal to ensure that the level of cover required is available.


We calculate the number of hours required to reach and maintain a journals timescales and our editorial assistants provide cover to a maximum hours cap. This results in a cost saving for the society or publisher in addition to meeting the needs of the Editor, Editorial Board Member, Reviewers and Authors. Working closely with TaskAdept we have developed a browser toolbar that captures all manuscript activity on a journal submission system, offering detailed time lines and identifying work flow bottle necks and processing problems. Live reporting of work being completed means that we can provide complete transparency.


Change of journal Editor often means a change of editorial staff with a period of recruitment and re-training. This can cause additional expense for the journal and also potential delays on the journal while the handover occurs. By using Editorial Office Ltd there is no need to worry. Editorial Office Ltd provides stability in these situations with the ability to work with both the outgoing Editor and the incoming Editor ensuring that the journal continues to run smoothly and to schedule.

Cover Available

Editorial Office Ltd provides permanent and temporary journal cover, often on short notice with just a phone call.

Editorial Office Ltd can also provide cover for holidays, sickness & maternity leave and, with our wealth of experience, we are able to ‘pick-up’ a journal workflow with minimal disruption.

Cost Savings

Our pricing structure reflects the actual hours required to manage the journal rather than the cost of running the whole editorial office. With our electronic time sheet we are able to monitor hours closely and provide feedback to our customers.